#1 Rogue Valley Zipline Adventures

Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventures
Reservations Required
We shuttle our guests from:
Gold Hill (I5 Exit 40 & 43), OR 97525
541-821-9476 | http://www.rvzipline.com

Thank you for recognizing us as #1 Fan Favorite Destination in Oregon based on customer reviews.
You’re invited to join our certified Zip Guides on one of our unforgettable tours. Our progressive 5 ZipLine course is the heart of our private park. As you traverse our trails and fly through the air, be sure to take in the many spectacular views! Crater Lake Rim, Mt. McLoughlin, and the locally famous Table Rocks are a few landmarks you may see while on the most THRILLING ZIPLINE TOUR in the Pacific Northwest!
If you’re looking for the best of everything the Southern Oregon outdoors has to offer, sign up for our famous Zip, Dip, & Sip Tour! You’ll enjoy zipping, lunch, whitewater rafting, and a wine tasting.


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