Trip Report: Columbia Cliff Villas

I’ve never really thought of Hood River as a ski town.  So when we booked a couple of days in December at the Columbia Cliff Villas, I had to be prodded by my kids to pack the skis.

Check-in was quick and friendly.  “I could live here” were the first words my wife said as we opened the door and ran our fingers over the amazing counter tops and upscale woodwork.  The view reminds me of what Tuscany must be like in winter and by itself is worthy of a stay.

After a great sleep, we awoke to snow.  So with skis aboard we headed a short 40 minutes to Mt. Hood Meadows, passing picturesque barns and dormant orchards with an occasional glimpse of Mt. Hood.

That night, tired and happy, we ate in nearby downtown Hood River.  We didn’t linger there for long because we all agreed we wanted to hang out back in our villa on the cliff.

A 5 star trip and a strong recommendation from this Oregon fan.

-Andrew Insinga, Publisher, Oregon Business magazine